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How to use Web App - easiest on laptop/desktop

Read instructions below, then click the box at bottom of the text box  ('Click to Close...') in order to allow you to open Elevation Profile. 

*Elevation Profile, zoom, and basemap toggle tools won't open/work until the text box is closed.

To Open Elevation Profile: Click on mountain icon to the far right of trail race map title below to open elevation profile. Then click on the blue trail course line in the map (place cursor arrow point directly on line), then move cursor from left to right along the profile; the blue dot on the red line/trail course will move to the location where the cursor is along the profile, showing mileage, elevation & elevation gain/loss. Click +/- buttons at top left of map to zoom in/out. Click 4-map icon under zoom tools (upper left) to toggle basemaps (imagery, topo, etc). Use the mouse cursor to pan/move the course map out from under Elevation Profile. Click mountain icon again to close Elevation Profile.


*there is a 12pm cutoff at Lift 7 aid (mile 10)

and 4pm cutoff at Top of the World Aid station

***remember we are cupless, so bring your own vessel for aid station refills


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